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While Abroad

Voila! Finally you arrived the host country, which may be a completely new country to you. While you are excited, bear in mind that there are a lot of things that you should pay attention to. It will definitely help you to create a smooth and fruitful study abroad experiences.

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Returning Home

Before you depart the host institution, it is a nice gesture to stop by the international office in person to say goodbye to the exchange coordinator and express your appreciation for their assistance and hospitality.

Below is the list of matters you should settle before returning home:

  • Settle all outstanding bills or expenses. These may include library fines or housing fees. In many host institutions, final transcripts will not be issued to students with payments outstanding. If you have paid any deposits that are returnable, you should settle these as well.
  • Apply for official transcripts. We advise you to apply for two copies, with one for your own record. The other copy is required as part of your application for credit transfer. This copy will not be returned to you.