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While Abroad

Voila! Finally you arrived the host country, which may be a completely new country to you. While you are excited, bear in mind that there are a lot of things that you should pay attention to. It will definitely help you to create a smooth and fruitful study abroad experiences.

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Assistance While Abroad

Emergency Assistance

If you are in a serious or dangerous situation, or in an emergency that requires immediate assistance, contact the local police, ambulance or fire services.

If you do not know the emergency assistance number in your country or have difficulties communicating with the local emergency assistance, contact International SOS. International SOS accepts collect calls, and is available 24/7, every day of the year.

For details, please refer to InternationalSOS page.

If calling from: Call Assistance Center in: At this number:
Australia Sydney Call collect: 61-2-9372-2468
Asia, Australia or the Pacific Rim Singapore Call collect: 65-6338-7800
Europe, CIS, Africa or the Middle East London Call collect: 44-208-762-8008
U.S. or Canada Philadelphia, PA 1-800-523-6586
Call collect: 1-215-942-8226


Consular Assistance

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Hong Kong Permanent Residents

The Hong Kong Immigration Department provides assistance to Hong Kong residents who have an accident or are arrested or detained for being involved in criminal cases. You can contact the Immigration Department assistance hotline at + 852 1868.

The diplomatic and consular missions of the People’s Republic of China provides assistance to Hong Kong permanent residents and Chinese citizens while abroad. If you are seeking consular protection and services while overseas, you can make enquiries with local government officials or police for the addresses and telephone numbers of diplomatic representatives and consular organs of the People's Republic of China in that country. You can also make enquiries through the Hong Kong Immigration Department assistance hotline at + 852 1868.

Useful links: 

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Students holding citizenship of other countries

Students holding citizenship of other countries can approach their diplomatic and consular missions. 

The links below are for a list of overseas diplomatic missions, as published by their governments:

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Non-emergency contact

HKUST Office of Global Learning: studyabroad@ust.hk

HKUST Schools contacts: