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The world is interconnected. Studying abroad is one of the most adorable ways to see the world and experience the world with new perspectives. Plan your adventure now, and create your own journey unlike the others.

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Osaka University
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Conducted by: Osaka University
29 Sep 2024 - 27 Oct 2024

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We offer a large variety of opportunities for you to study abroad: coursework programs, language programs, regular term exchange, virtual study abroad, and our summer study abroad programs.

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Passion and curiosity are important in a learning process

The learning and teaching approach are so different from that in Hong Kong that I find it hard to catch up in the beginning, but as time goes by, I loved it! It trained my critical thinking and interpersonal skills as most of the lectures engages discussions and Q&A. I love the passion from the lecturers and the curiosity from the students, really great place to learn!

I learnt much more than I expected in this wonderful exchange. I learnt to adjust my mindset and always stay optimistic!

Crystal LAM / School of Science / Exchange at Copenhagen University, Denmark

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“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for” – John A. Shedd

The most unforgettable memory is definitely the first day I checked into my dorms in UCLA Campus! At that point, there was a mixture of loneliness, fear but also excitement and anticipation for what there is to come. 

Every day, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey and stepping far out of my comfort zone to learn so much. I wouldn’t have gotten this if I hadn’t taken that first step into the unknown!

Kevin SHAH / School of Engineering / Exchange at University of California, Los Angeles, United States