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Students who participated in credit-bearing study abroad programs would need to transfer your credits back to HKUST. In order to ensure a smooth process, you should pay attention to the following information.

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Study Plan and Credit Transfer

A feasible study plan enables you to progress towards graduation smoothly. To factor in exchange studies in your study pathway, it is good practice to discuss your study plan with your major department or any pre-major advisors in your School.

Credit transfer is a process that is separate from working out your study plan. In accordance with the University’s policies on credit transfer, students who complete exchange studies can apply for transfer credits for courses successfully completed at the host institution. The Academic Registry (ARO) is the central coordinating office for all exchange credit transfer applications for 4Y students. All enquiries and applications regarding credit transfer for 4Y students should be submitted to ARO.

We encourage you to take the steps below in preparing your study plan and credit transfer arrangements:

Before departing for your host destination

  1. Review courses available at host institution

    Check out the course information from the websites of partner institutions before deciding your exchange venue choices, so as to ensure that there are suitable courses for you to take. Have a flexible study plan, since it is quite often that certain courses offered by partner institutions may not be open each term, or certain courses may not be open to exchange students.

  2. Review HKUST’s policy on credit transfer and course equivalence table

    The list of courses that have been approved as equivalent to HKUST courses, and the credit conversion are published on the website of the HKUST ARO. Before you depart for your exchange, you should review the information.

    Note that the course equivalence table is for reference only. It does not imply automatic credit transfer. You must submit a credit transfer application upon completion of your exchange studies to ARO for evaluation and approval.

    Below are the quick links:

  3. Apply for course mapping to ARO

    If you will be taking courses that do not appear on the Credit Transfer Database, you should request for course assessment by submitting the application to the ARO's Credit Transfer Application System.

    Be aware of the credit system differences between HKUST and the host institution, and the credit conversion adopted by HKUST. The most common case is the ECTS credit system adopted by some European institutions. 

  4. Discuss your study plan with major department or pre-major advisor

    After compiling your study plan and gathering the credit transfer information from ARO, you should discuss your study plan with your School exchange office or your major department (depending on the policy of your School). This advisory process is important to ensure that you are taking appropriate courses, in the sense that they fulfill your graduation requirements. It would be useful for you to review your major program requirements before seeking advice.


While on exchange

  1. Keep your exchange course syllabus and materials

    To support the credit transfer application upon your return to HKUST, you must present an official transcript issued by the host institution. The University may also require you to submit course materials, outlines, the syllabus for assessment purposes and any other relevant documents, as it deems appropriate. So, keep these documents for your return to HKUST.


Upon return from exchange

  1. Submit credit transfer request:

    Upon your return from your exchange, submit an online application to ARO for approval. According to University regulations, credit transfer applications must be submitted no later than one month after the exchange period.

  2. Credits transferred to HKUST transcript:

    After ARO approves the courses, these will be reflected on your HKUST transcript. Credits obtained can be transferred, while grades obtained at the host institution are not transferred to HKUST. The transferred grade is a “T” grade. The grade does not count towards your CGA or GGA at HKUST.