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Hong Kong


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International cosmopolitan city

Situated in the heart of Asia at the southern tip of China, Hong Kong is a unique place where you will find a fast-paced, 21st-century lifestyle interwoven with local traditions and countryside charms. Here, you can be a part of the city’s hustle and bustle in the morning, unplug with a stroll or hike along a picturesque beach or peak in the afternoon, and come evening, choose from an array of entertainment options. Hong Kong’s first-rate public transport system puts every corner within easy reach. And while you can go off to explore a nearby nature reserve or a sleepy fishing village, rest assured that Hong Kong offers all the conveniences of a world-class city.

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Rich heritage and diversity

From a small trading port to a strategic foothold in World War II, to British rule and the return of sovereignty to China, many events and different communities have left their mark on Hong Kong. It is indeed a blend of cultures, although it is also much more than simply a place where “East meets West”. For example, did you know it was while defending Hong Kong that Canadian forces first engaged in battle during World War II, and a memorial still takes place every year for those Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the territory? And did you know that the Parsees – descendants from Iran (Persia) of the Zoroastrian faith – who arrived in Hong Kong in the 19th century played a prominent role in establishing many important institutions, including a popular local ferry service, a large university and an international bank? You will be amazed to find out how rich Hong Kong’s heritage and diversity is.

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One of world’s freest economies

As a leading international center of trade and finance, Hong Kong is the ideal place to learn about business in Asia. Home to nearly 1,400 regional headquarters of foreign companies, Hong Kong offers an attractive business environment, based on the rule of law, an independent judiciary, free market principles, the free flow of information, effective anti-corruption measures and the use of English as the language of government and business. And you will be glad to know that with consistently low crime rates, Hong Kong is a remarkably safe place, by day and by night.

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Gateway to Asia and Mainland China

On Hong Kong’s doorstep are the many fascinating sights and cities of Asia. The Hong Kong International Airport is a hub for regional and international travel. You can easily board a direct flight that will take you anywhere in Asia within four hours, and a train from the city can whisk you across the border to Mainland China in just 40 minutes.


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Spoken languages

  • 88.9% Cantonese speakers (2016)
  • Chinese and English are the official languages
  • English is widely used in the government, legal, professional and business sectors

Population and size

  • Population: 7.39 million (2017)
  • Area: 1,106.66 sq km (less than 25% developed; over 75% open space with 40% country parks and nature reserves)
  • Population density: 6,830 people/sq km (2017)


  • Sub-tropical with distinct seasons
  • Typhoon season (May to November)
  • Spring (March to April): 17-26° Celsius
  • Summer (May to August): 26-33° Celsius (with high humidity)
  • Autumn (September to November): 19-28° Celsius
  • Winter (December to February): 10-20° Celsius (can drop to below 10°Celsius)