Visa, Health and Insurance


Before departure, ensure that you have the right travel documents and insurance coverage for your exchange study in Hong Kong, and consult a medical practitioner for medical advice.

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Visa, Health and Insurance

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The Hong Kong Immigration Department requires all non-local students to obtain a student visa in order to study in Hong Kong. In general, if you do not possess the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong, or hold a dependent’s visa, then you will require a student visa.

After you receive HKUST’s confirmation of your exchange placement, you will receive information to assist you with the student visa application process. You should send your application to HKUST, as HKUST will submit your student visa application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department on your behalf. The student visa is an e-visa in PDF file format. When your visa is approved, HKUST will email it to your email address on MyStudyAbroad system before you depart for Hong Kong.

More information on other immigration-related matters is available here.



You are required to purchase travel insurance through HKUST that covers the duration of your study. The policy provides for the coverage listed below. Details about the policy are available here.

  • Medical and hospitalization for illnesses and accidents
  • Personal liability
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation

Students who fail to comply with the insurance requirements will not be able to officially register at HKUST.


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Pre-departure Health/Dental Check Up

We recommend that you have a thorough health and dental checkup before you leave home. This would give you peace of mind that there are no major health or dental concerns at the start of your trip. It also helps to avoid the hassle and possible high costs involved with seeking treatment while abroad.

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Prescription and Over-the-counter Medicine

If you take prescribed medication, take enough with you— in your carry-on luggage to avoid problems with customs—to last two weeks beyond your expected return. Take a doctor’s note or the original prescription. And, stay on your meds! Pack non-prescription drugs and a modest first-aid kit. If you wear corrective lenses, pack an extra pair of glasses and/or contact lenses and extra bottles of saline solution.

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Make sure you have the recommended immunizations for the destination country and any countries you plan to visit.

There is no vaccination requirement for students coming into Hong Kong. For your reference, Hong Kong residents participate in an immunization program that is recommended by the Hong Kong Department of Health. Therefore, they are well-protected against most preventable diseases that are common in the region. If you have been living outside of Hong Kong, you may have received a different set of immunizations. We encourage you to review your immunization record, and consult your medical doctor should you have any concerns. You may find more information on the Immunization Program for Hong Kong residents here, and ask your medical doctor to review it with you.