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Living Matters


Hong Kong students holding home permit do not require a visa to study in Mainland China. For international students, you are required to submit a visa application. Details will be provided when you received the offer from the host institution.



Majority of the host institutions will provide on-campus housing for exchange students either in one of the dormitories or international house in shared bedroom unless otherwise specified. Curfews applied for student dormitories in some of the host institutions. 

The living conditions in Mainland China could be very different from that in Hong Kong. You should manage your expectation on the accommodation and facilities.



All undergraduate students who take part in the University’s organized exchange programs will be covered by the University's Travel Insurance plan.



Within the campus, cycling is the most commonly used transportation method. It would be best that you know how to ride a bicycle, else you will need to walk.

Buses and metro are the most convenient way to travel within the city.


Living costs

Living costs in Mainland China are around half of what you would spend in Hong Kong. Due to regulations in China, international students may be required to pay more for accommodation. 

Some mainland exchange partners have been granted funding from the Ministry of Education of the PRC to support Hong Kong exchange students. Students may get subsidized with some of their personal expenses and the accommodation fee. The funding may vary each year, and no separate application is required.