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Prepare for Departure

Whether this is your first time to live overseas or not, there is much to plan and prepare before departing for the host country. This section provides an outline of the major items to help you with pre-departure planning.

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Health and travel insurance are essential components of an overseas study experience. It is imperative that you obtain health and travel insurance for the duration of your participation in an overseas learning program.

Please note that insurance plans does not cover pre-existing conditions. These may include medical or physical conditions that you had before you enrolled in the plan. If you require additional coverage for a pre-existing condition, it is advisable that you check whether this is covered by the policy.


HKUST’s Travel Insurance

HKUST’s Travel Insurance Policy covers students participating in the HKUST Exchange Program and Study Abroad programs. For more information, please refer to Scholarships and Financial Aid Office website.


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Period of travel

The university period of your travel is based on the actual required attendance period at the host institution. This means from the first day of orientation to the final day of assessment. These dates are either provided by the host institution or available from its academic calendar on its website.

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Port of departure and return

The HKUST Travel Insurance policy requires that Hong Kong must be either your place of departure or return, or both. If your trip is not planned this way, the entire trip will not be covered. In this case, you must arrange your own travel insurance.

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Personal travel

HKUST Travel Insurance does not cover travels outside of the university period and/or travels outside of your place of exchange. In these cases, you need to arrange for separate insurance. For other exclusions, please read through the coverage of the insurance plan.

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Filing claims

Please keep your boarding passes and air tickets until the exchange period has ended in case you need to file claims.

You can obtain the Claim Form from the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office, and submit it for endorsement. Claim materials must then be sent to the insurance company as soon as possible, and within 90 days of the event occurring. Note that this requirement may take place before your return to HKUST.

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Host Institutions: Compulsory insurance

Some host institutions offer their own insurance, which will cover the period spent at their institution. In some cases, it is mandatory that you purchase this insurance to satisfy the host institution’s requirements or the host country’s legal requirements. You should follow the host institution’s advice on subscribing to these insurance policies as this may affect your eligibility for registration at the host institution or your legal status in the host country. This advice stands irrespective of any insurance coverage you may already have, including what is offered by HKUST.

If the host institution does not offer an insurance policy or does not make it mandatory to purchase its policy, but has specific insurance coverage requirements, you must ensure that you have coverage that meet those requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to check and ensure that the host institution’s or host country’s insurance requirements are satisfied.



You may purchase additional insurance that suits your needs. You may also already be covered by insurance taken out either by you or by your family. If you do have additional insurance, please carry the name of the insurance provider and the policy number when overseas.